Motivating Fidget Spinners

My son has been asking for a glow in the dark fidget spinner. Last week, as an essential item of course, they were delivered right away from Amazon. We bought a set of 5…..4 kids…each one gets one and one will go to work to be claimed by a lucky student. Today, I put them out and you should have seen the kids work.

Reading extra books

Michael spent 1 extra hour on a spelling book

Isaac completed 3 extra math worksheets and offered to hang out with me and play card games.

Sarai offered to clean the bathrooms with Clorox Wipes….that’s my girl! She also did “extra” work by organizing the playroom closet and put together a puzzle picture of our family.

Lena is Lena and caught on after seeing her siblings doing extra work. She finished tracing her name, address, and phone number.

They are pretty neat….although not glow in the dark….they spin quickly and change colors and even have messages and shapes. They have made stars, I love you, I love baby (this one is interesting), 0-5, 250, 500. The faster you spin it, the more it changes and amazes you.

Anything to keep us going……

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