Snow Memories

I saw all the posts on Facebook. Kids playing in the snow, making incredibly looking snowmen. They were huge! Decorated! This snow must be perfect! Just yesterday, the kids were asking me when they could go out to play in the snow.

Snow pants?? Why do I have to wear them? Can’t I just wear my Crocs? These are too tight! Waaaaaah!I can’t find my red scarf and cat hat! You left them at school. Noooo!!!!!!!!!! Take the dog! X4

Well, the snow was definitely perfect for building crappy snowmen. We went out at 1 when it was beginning to melt. We made small dirty snowmen. Our boots and paws and gloves and jackets were covered in muddy snow. We took that dirt into the mud room where the dog kindly escaped and tracked mud throughout the house and insisted that we play a cat and mouse game to get him back into the laundry room.

40 minutes later…. Everyone has a fresh pair of PJs on, carpets are scrubbed and spots removed, dogs paws are cleaned, and the washing machine is on.

4 thoughts on “Snow Memories”

  1. It is one of those things that sounds so much better until you actually do it. Then you look back at the mess and think “what the hell was I thinking?” We made that mistake with those dinosaur eggs you have to dig up for a cheap, plastic dinosaur in the middle. Now we have clumps of mud everywhere!

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  2. OMG, I was laughing when I read this. I always hated going out to play in the snow and was so happy when I could drink my coffee inside and watch out the window! It is definitely those picture perfect moment that people share or you have seen in movies that makes you think it should be fun and we have to do this, but my memories are right there with yours!

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  3. So funny! Definitely see everyone’s posts and you think “They are making wonderful memories with their kids and my poor kids are missing out”. But then when we are out and “making memories” there are many times I think “yeah it wasn’t worth it”. LOL

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