Wii Fit

Well, it’s been a week and there are only so many Disney Movies I can watch. I’m not a technology person but I have found myself on it so much in the last week trying to keep up with my kids eLearning, my own teaching, and keeping up with the latest news. It’s exhausting on the eyes.

My kids know only what we tell them. They don’t know that Leo and I have a Nintendo Switch. But they do know we have a Wii. They have recently become interested in Mario Brothers and Mario Cart. However, we have not introduced the Nunchurcks and Wii Fit Balance Board to them.

Maybe it was an excuse…once it is out, I may have to start actually working out and competing against them…cause they do like a challenge.

Today, we practiced the hula hoop, running, avoiding the soccer balls, and balancing games. They loved it and so did I. It also had us together, in one location, as a family, for about 3 hours.

The kids even pulled out the kick boards for the pool and pretended they were balance boards. They would complete the movements as though they were on the connected device.

I’m hoping, by the time I’m back at work, you will see a FIT Noora 🙂

6 thoughts on “Wii Fit”

  1. I always loved playing wii with my kids when they were little. It got us all moving, it was fun for all of us, and lots of laughs. Great time to pull this out for you and your kids. I hope you have some fun days 🙂


  2. Fit as a family! That is what we have been working on for a long time! Enjoy it, it is something you can so with them no matter what age or their interests evolve into!


  3. I love that your kids don’t know about the Nintendo Switch. We have several of those secret devices in our house. They never make an appearance until after kid bedtimes!


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